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BBC Sustainability

Sustainabilty BBC film


To bring to life the subject of sustainability we decided to combine paper cut-out imagery and stop-motion animation in making the film. The simple shapes and bright colours of paper cut-out are visually striking and iconic, allowing us to convey ideas and concepts about sustainability in a straightforward, playful and engaging way. Using stop-motion helps to create a more natural feel to the movement, and gives the animation a 'hands on' quality, which we hope will make the experience of watching more interactive, and lead to action. Making a film in this way is a fun process, and we wanted that sense of enjoyment to come across in the animation.

The film is not available online.

Year of production: 2014. Running Time: 5 min

Directors: Magdalena Osinska, George Sander-Jackson

Production comapny: Arthur Cox

Client: BBC

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