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In 2005 I found all my childhood drawings which my parents were collecting for years and I felt I had to make those strange creatures - like a two-headed horse or a boy with way too long hands - alive. All characters in film “Joyets” are taken from my childhood drawings.


“Joyets” film combines hand drawn animation with 2D and 3D computer animation. 

The first stage was to create and animate the drawings manually. This work was later transformed in the digital process. Of course the initial style of the childhood drawings, which was achieved through the use of pencils, watercolors and crayons, was not changed. 

The screen has been divided into smaller parts, which suggests how children see composition. Numerous secondary characters appear on the margins of the screen and the main plot takes place in the center.

Year of production: 2009. Running Time: 11 min


Joyets Film, 11 min

Year of production: 2008

Production company : Se-Ma-For, National Polish Film School in Lodz

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