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Jasia trailer


A magical adventure through real jeopardy - This classic stop motion film based on a true story charts how a stubborn little orphan girl uses her imagination to survive in a war-torn country. Jasia now shares her childhood experiences with her future Granddaughter.




Director - Magdalena Osinska 

Producer - Sarah Cox is the owner and creative director of BAFTA award winning animation company ArthurCox.

Executive Producer - David Sproxton is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Aardman.

Writer  - John McNally has written original screenplays for Marc Samuelson (‘Something Blue’),  Aardman Animation ('Mumbo Jumbo') Red Rooster/BBC Wales ('Visiting Delicious’) and others. John's been writing his children's book series INFINITY DRAKE. 

Composer - Jean-Marc Petsas has composed music for many award-winning films, including BAFTA award. He has worked on BBC, Channel 4, and Disney programmes.



Production Company: Arthur Cox

Stage: In development

Length: 80 minutes

Genre: Animation Documentary

Style: Modern Fairytale

Audience: Family 8+

Main Characters: Jasia (7) and Mum Veronica (29)

This is a story based on my Grandmother Jasia’s stories from the war. She left me with her memories, a love for life and a single strand of her hair. She was only 7 when the war started. She used to love going to school, but beyond everything she loved her mum. She lost both.


The film is inspired by details that my Granny remembered – colours, smells, little pleasures and games. She could find happiness in very tiny things. While describing the war, she painted a magical realistic picture. There is a happy circus with bursting colors, which become darkened by the swarm of locusts (approaching army) that interrupt the show. Her tiny pet ladybird becomes her friend and guardian. Her imaginative inner world and stubbornness helped her to survive the war and protect her from dangers.



This is the only photo of my Grandmother Jasia with her Mother Veronica. It marks the start of the story;

I would like to bring this photo to life.



Concept designs by Aurelien Predal

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