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Pelican trailer

How would you react if one day, in an absolutely ordinary place, over a grey collar of his coat there was... a pelican gazing at you?

Why is it that an animal dresses up as a human and what does our world look like through his eyes?

The plot is based on a Finnish novel with by Leena Krohn. Funny, yet moving story about a bird trying to become human, and a lonely boy for whom the unusual animal becomes the only friend. The atmosphere of a fairy-tale and child’s gullibility interweaves with serious reflexion on human nature.

Production company: Animoon

Stage: In developemnt

Length: 80 minutes

Genre: Adventure

Audience: Family 6+

Main Characters: Emil (11) and Pelican (17)

stills from the trailer

designs by Piotr Bednarczyk

New character design by Alicja Kocurek


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