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Spirits of the Piano trailer

Unique combination of traditional animation and new technologies, shot in stereoscopic 3D. Part of "The World of Flying Machine" - 3D animation collection, each set to one Chopin's Etude performed by world famous Lang Lang.


Weird and wonderful spirits bring the flying machine, which has crashed on the cliffs, back to life. 

3D puppet animation, set to Opus 25. No. 4 etude by Frederic Chopin. 

Spirits of the Piano has been long listed for the Academy Award in 2011



Best of the Fest 3D Short Film at 3D Film & Music Festival (3DFF), Los Angeles

Best Musical Animation, ReAnimania IAFFY, Armenia


Year of production: 2011. Running Time: 3 min

Production Company: Breakthru Films


Desiged by Hester Dennett

We orignally thought that we could use parts of a real piano, but it turned up that for the compliacted scenes of charcaters flying between different floors of the piano and to be able to animate each key we needed to build a piano much bigger then a real one. 

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