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Joyets film trailer

Joyets film

The film Joyets is a celebration of childhood and about the sheer joy of being a child. The intense way in which a child perceives the world is the main inspiration for our film’s form and content. The child who is also a narrator describes the rules of the game, which main characters must obey. Child is also a character accompanying the main couple, a boy and a girl, through the whole story and in funny and naive way comments on their adventures. 


In 2005 I found all my childhood drawings which my parents were collecting for years and I felt I had to make those strange creatures - like a two-headed horse or a boy with way too long hands - alive. All characters in film “Joyets” are taken from my childhood drawings.



Awards for Joyets film:

OFAFA(Polish Festival of Animated Films) – Cracow, Poland 2009 - Distinction

Solothurn, Switzerland 2009 – 2nd prize of the public 

Babiana, Slovakia 2008 - An Award of Saint Wojciech

Reanimation, Poland 2008 – Distinction

Era New Horizons, Poland 2008 – Distinction

Animation now! Festival, Poland

Special screening at the Royal Festival Hall, London 2009, screened with "Peter and the Wolf"





Year of production: 2009. Running Time: 11 min


Joyets Film, 11 min

Year of production: 2008

Production company : Se-Ma-For, National Polish Film School in Lodz


Joyets Series, 26 ep. 7 min, in development 

audience: preschool children,

Production Company: Illuminated Films Company, UK

Studio Minatur Filmowych, Poland



Above charcaters from the film and below original drawings from me being 3 years old





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