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The Heart and the Sweetheart animated excerpts 

A story, warm and full of humor, about Maszenka, an 11-year-old girl from an orphanage in the Bieszczady Mountains who loves ballet. The first stage on her road to fulfilling her dream is the entrance exam to the ballet school in Gdańsk. To make it there in time, she escapes from the orphanage, taking newly hired educator Kordula (Julia Kijowska) with her. They travel all the way across Poland, hiding from the police and meeting people who help them in need. A road film and modern-day fairy tale about dreams, courage and a meeting of two women, one an adult and the other a child, who long for love.


I worked as a director of animated scenes on the feature film directed by Jan Jakub Kolski.

Year of production: 2014. Running Time: 114 min

Director: Jan Jakub Kolski

Stars:  Marysia Blandzi, Julia Kijowska, 

Marcin Dorocinski, Borys Szyc

Animation Director: Magdalena Osinska

Production Company: Tramway Film Studio

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